About me

Who I am:

  • Cosmopolitan with roots in Sweden and the world
  • Culture designer (Culture Design BA)
  • Drama educator (BUT)
  • Systemic Counselor (SG)
  • Since 1989 in the publishing sector as picture editor, art director, and product manager in Sweden, Europe, Asia and the USA
  • Since 1991 in Germany, many years of professional experience as a company employee, as a manager, and as a freelancer in Germany and abroad
  • Since 2010 in non-profit organizations as project officer, social worker and today in the social service

My passion is working with people. I advise them on how to strengthen their salutogenesis [health development] and their abilities. I promote the strengthening of their health and the discovery of their resources. My work is psycho-social systemic counseling and health prevention for companies and non-profit sectors and their executives and employees. I support people with systemic counseling and health prevention in their everyday lives.

My offer for you is my professional accompaniment. In doing so, I put my entire experience of life and international work experience in the balance, coupled with my knowledge from regular training. I put this entire wealth of experience at your disposal. I gladly advise and support you, your company or you as a private person. All you need to do is contact me. I look forward to meeting you.

My qualification:

  • Since 2019 Systemic Counselor (SG), certified by the Systemic Association
  • Since 2018 member of the Systemic Association (SG)

I ensure the professionalism of my work through regular supervision and training in the areas of health prevention, stress management, solution-oriented counseling methods and personality development.

It goes without saying that all personal data and content of our discussions are subject to confidentiality.


My offer for executives and companies

  • As an entrepreneur or executive, do you want to make a difference and reform things?
  • How do you ensure that your employees are committed and satisfied?
  • How can you contribute to your employees’ health?

I support you as an entrepreneur or executive in the context of single or group coaching.

As an executive, you can implement healthy leadership in the company and be a role model yourself. Healthy leadership strengthens your employees and your company, too, and thus leads to higher competitiveness.

Feel free to contact me. Tailored to your individual situation, I plan and design advanced education courses, workshops and seminars on the following topics:

  • Health prevention
  • Stress management
  • Executive development
  • Team building
  • Team development

Every change begins with the first step. Get in touch with me today. Together, we will work out a first step in the direction you want to develop.

Examples of seminars and coaching for executives and entrepreneurs

  • “How do I lead in a health-promoting way?”
  • “Health-promoting leading through the year”
  • “Be a voice, not an echo!”
  • “Mindfulness training/presence training”
  • “Where do I stand, where do I want to go?”

My offer for private persons

Do you feel like marking time? Is there a lot of turbulence in your life right now? Then you should consider getting support right now. I’ll gladly help you and accompany you in your development process. For this I offer individual sessions or group coaching.

A sound education, ongoing further training and supervision form the basis. Add to that my rich wealth of experience, my intuition, my empathy and downright creativity. With this comprehensive package I support you in varied life situations. Get in touch with me today. Together, we will work out a first step in the direction you want to develop.

I offer the following workshops and seminars:

  • “More serenity, more joy”
  • “The time is NOW!”
  • “Every change begins with a step”
  • “My life, my adventure!”
  • “Together through the year”


Steps for more clarity!

During a walk in nature, we will jointly look at your concern. In doing so, we will discuss your situation, your goal and your direction with the help of various steps and methods. Beforehand, we will decide on the duration of our walk and where to go.

I’ll gladly support you on your way to your personal, individual solution during our joint steps in nature. Every change begins with the first step. Get in touch with me today. I look forward to meeting you!

It goes without saying that all personal data and content of our discussions are subject to confidentiality.

What is systemic counseling?

Systemic counseling has its roots in family therapy. It considers human beings as part of a social network (family, friends, school, workplace, place of life). All human beings are shaped by their accumulated life experience and their reality of life. This includes their family environment and cultural values, their perceptions and emotions, their way of thinking as well as their behavioral and interaction patterns with their environment.

Emerged problems, symptoms and solution approaches of the individual are always considered in the interplay of the system (e. g. family, school, job, marriage, friends). The behavior of each individual member of a system affects the other members.

Systemic consulting includes short-term, solution and resource-oriented methods that are efficient and scientifically acknowledged. They allow for individual support. The focus is on the abilities and strengths of people as well as the discovery of unused opportunities.

My way of working

My work is characterized by empathy, esteem, respect, openness, and appreciation. I have a sincere interest in you and your personal concerns. With my rich wealth of experience, my creativity and empathy, I support you as a private person and/or your company or your institution in the process of change and redesign. I look forward to hearing from you!

It goes without saying that all personal data and content of our discussions are subject to confidentiality.



Here is where you will be informed about my events.


Then feel free to contact me, in writing or by phone.
I am happy to offer my consultations in person or via Skype in English, German and Swedish.

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